First logo in action




Only the last logo was used, and only then in the panel.











DMA Business card

Mikes first Business card, with the unused logo on it.










DMA Logo Magnified






Although Scott originally copied it into the computer, Mike then spend hours anti-aliasing it all by hand.


The Complete History of
the DMA Logo




This was the first logo that was done by Dave and Tony.
C64 version on the Left, Amiga on the Right.
(The Amiga one is only a partial since its a scan from a PCW mag)

These were done for Menace. There was no full screen logo at the start of Menace, and is the only DMA game to be missing it.

Blood Money truly strated the branding of DMA, with the first fullscreen logo.

This one was never actually used in a game, but for a couple of years, it was used on business cards and header note paper.


This logo by Geoff Gunning, was used in the original Lemmings, but was ditched as being to complicated. Geoff never actually liked this logo much, but it was Dave's idea, and he was paying.


This logo by Scott Johnston, was used a fair bit, and appeared in Lemmings 2, Hired Guns, Walker and Uniracers.

DMA had an internal competition to design the next logo. There were lots of entries, but this one by Stuart Graham won over them all. It was the last, and most famous logo DMA ever had, and appeared in ever game till DMA was renamed to RockStar Studios North.















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