First logo in action




Only the last logo was used, DMA used to have a swining sign outside the office, but this was blown off during a storm. After that, this non-descript paper logo, on the was only identifaction the office had.


























The back room




There was so much clutter in the DMA office, heres a few "pointers" as to the rubbish they kept a hold of.




A tour of
DMA's first office

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Across the Road

Welcome to DMA Design, this was the door (just to the right of the baby shop), that people like Ian Hetherington and John White of Psygnosis walked though on a regular basis.


DMA's offices were on Perth Road.
A closer look

Crossing the road

At the Door

The bookcase, and Dave's games Close-up of Dave's free games.

The stairs to the office

Top of the stairs

Bookcase games

Mike in the front room, working on C64 Blood Money. Mike busy with C64 Blood Money. Brian working on DMA Debug.

Mike - Front Room

Mikes Desk

Brians Desk

Russell helping out Brian on DMA Debug. Russell's little corner, with his Acorn Archimedes Brian and Tony - Squashing Russells Acorn(s).

Russel and Brian

Russells Acorn

Brian and Tony

Gary, Russell and Dave. Gary, one of "The Back room boys" Gary busy on Cutiepoo

Gary,Russel & Dave

Gary - Backroom

Working on Cutiepoo

Gary, wondering if he needs more sponge? Tony ponering over Cutiepoo code Daves "fancy" cordless phone.

Gary - Sleeping?

Tony in the Backroom

Daves cordless phone

Dave would buy any old gadget - Including this tapeless tape messure.

Daves tape messure

Leaving DMA

Walking away

Heading for town


































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