Welcome to my homepage
This site is under construction

I hope this site will be the source of my current works, both programming and art related. Im using this as an outlet for my home hobbies, mainly for my new 3D art that Im having fun with at the moment, having just bought Lightwave 7.5 (its fab BTW - both for programming with, and for modeling )

Here are a few of images of what Im up to... I hope to have more soon, if your interested in any of the models, let me know... I may make them available. Please remember though... Im a programmer by day... and an artist by night - what does that tell you?

These pages may take a while to load till I get it all sorted out... Although... if anyone actually looks here, I'll be impressed.

No image on this site may be used without my express permission. Please ask first, I'll usually allow it!!


This has now been split into Art + Programming
Please pick your poison.

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