About Me

I got interested in computers when I was about 13 and my friend had just gotten a ZX81, I went down to his house a lot and we either played games, typed in listing or played around in general with it. However the real fun started when he was selling his ZX81 to get a spectrum and my mum bought it for me, after that there was no stopping me! I played with Basic for a while and did some very simple programs but the real change came when a magazine (which I still have!) printed a listing a Snake game in assembler. Unlike the rest of the games at the time, this one had a full, commented assembly listing. The world had just opened up! I played with the routine that printed the border and I couldn't believe just how quick the ZX81 went! It was redrawing the border in the blink of an eye!

This went on for some time when my mum's office expressed an interesting in a small database for looking up clients names. They already had a HUGE computer (took up most of a room), complete with 8" disks. I was given the chance to actually write something for them. They went out and bought a Sinclair Spectrum, fancy keyboard (they were proper typist used to old fashion typewriters after all), and a FloppyDrive. This was an amazing setup. So at the age of 14, I wrote a simple database program for them that even let them search for peoples name's! This might seem simple, but back then computers did everything by numbers. You used to have a small rolodex with peoples names which gave you the number to look up. Due to Sinclair basic being so cool, I was able to avoid that and they were very please indeed.

Once that was finished I was left computerless for a year or so until one Christmas when my mum again bought me a new computer: a commodore Plus/4. This pretty much changed my life. With its built in monitor I was able to learn assembler properly, and after joining a local computer club teamed up with a few other hobbiests: Steve Hammond, Russell Kay and Dave Jones. These were the founding members of DMA Design. I got a commodore 64 a few years later and started getting to know that machine, playing with lots of new ideas and basically just having fun.

I started work at DMA Design in August 1989 (after being booted out of College) and stayed there for 10 years, during that time I worked on several high profile games like Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. While at DMA we prettty much forged the Scottish games industry and competed on the newly emerging world games market at the very top level. All that aside, we had a blast there before I moved on to work at Visual Sciences as head of Research and Development. I only spent a couple of years there before EA spoiled it all and I moved on once again to a new startup called Simian Industries. We were to create mobile phone games for the new 3G handsets and we went on to write virtually all the intial games for the new 3 network. I worked there for 4 years before Simian went under after two of the owners saw fit to basically steal money from the company. Since then I have been working at Realtime Worlds doing a mix of R&D and prototyping.


I hope to expand either this page, or make another with some images of these programs and a little bit about each.


Things I've worked on.
(that actually got finished)

Name Task Platform Language Year
Character Editor Whole tool. Commodore Plus/4 6502 1986
Freek Out Whole game. Commodore Plus/4 6502 1987
Ballistix Whole game. C64 6502 1989
Interrupt Driver Tape Loader Whole tool. C64 6502 1990
Pac-man Load-a-game Whole game. C64 6502 1990
Blood Money Whole game. C64 6502 1990
Lemmings Base code and framework Atari ST 68000 1991
Lemmings Levels and R&D Amiga 68000 1991
Christmas Lemmings Level Graphics and Traps Amiga - 1991
PC Engine Debugger Everything, PC Engine + ICE unit Pascal 1991
PC Engine Sound Effect Editor Everything, PC Engine + ICE unit Pascal, 65c02 1991
PC Engine Sound/Music System Everything, PC Engine 65c02 1991
Ballistiix System Code PC Engine 65c02 1991
Scripting langauge whole tool DOS Pascal 1992
Shadow of The Beast Primary Game PC Engine CDROM2 65c02 1992
Lemmings Graphics Atari Lynx - 1993
Hired Guns Level Design and Level Viewer. Amiga Pascal 1993
Framework + Tutorial code and documentation. SNES + DOS 65816 1992
Lemmings II Game, engine, tools.  SNES 65816 1994
SNES Graphics convertor tool code DOS Pascal 1994
SNES Midi Convertor tool DOS Pascal 1994
SNasm 65816 macro assembler Amiga Pascal, 68000 1993
Uniracers Unicycle Compression, Editor Amiga, DOS, SNES C, 68000 1994
Uniracers A0 plotter Tool code DOS C 1994
QWK off line mail reader Tool code Amiga Pascal, 68000 1994
BBS Fidonet Mail processor Tool code DOS Pascal 1994
BBS Internet mail processor Tool code DOS Pascal 1994
Amiga/SNES link Tool code Amiga Pascal, 68000 1994
The Lemmings Chronicles Support/Installer Amiga, DOS Pascal, 68000 1994
Grand Theft Auto 8, 16, 32bit Graphics Engine DOS C, x86 1994
Game based window system Whole library DOS C, x86 1995
Network game prototype Whole game DOS C 1995
TCP/IP "MUD" interface Application code Win32 VisualBasic 1995
Web Server server code. Win32 VisualBasic 1995
3D Texture mapping engine Demo code DOS C, x86 1996
Sample Converter Whole tool DOS Pascal 1994
Grand Theft Auto Prototype 1 Whole demo DOS Pascal, x86 1994
Grand Theft Auto Prototype 2 Whole demo DOS Pascal, x86 1994
Minus4 Emulator code DOS C, x86 1996-1999
Realtime spotlights for ganes Demo code PC C 1998
Bezier Patches for Games Demo code PC C 1998
Realtime Deformation Demo code PC C 1998
1Bit Shadow maps Demo code PC C, x86 1998
Tanktics 3D Engine DOS C,x86 1999
Grand Theft Auto II Graphics Engine Win32 C,x86 1999
Wild Metal Country 3DMA graphics engine Win32 C 1999
ZX Spectrum Emulator whole emulator Win32 C, x86 1999
Wild Metal 3DMACast graphics engine Dreamcast C 1999
Minus4j Emulator Code Java Applet Java 1999-2007
Playstation Exception Handler code PS1 R3000 1999
Playstation Devkit Full system (Action Replay) DOS+PS1 x86, R3000 1999
Playstation Snapshot Kit Full system (Action Replay) DOS+PS1 x86, R3000, C 2000
Playstation ImageViewer Full system (Action Replay) DOS+PS1 x86, R3000, C 2000
Playstation Devkit V2 Full system + Custom Cartride DOS+PS1 C,  R6000 2000
Minus4w C= Plus4 Emulator code Win32 x86 2001-????
F1 2000 Optimisation + Protection Playstation C, R3000 2000
F1 2000 3D Track Editor Layout + control PC VBasic, C, C++ 2000
F1 Championship Season 2000 Support + Protection Playstation C, R3000 2000
Kernal Exception Handler IRQ kernal handler PS2 R6000 2001
PS2 Disassembler Platform code PS2 R6000 2001
PS2 Minus4 C= Plus4 Emulator code PS2 C 2001
PS2 "sampling" profiler Custom Kernal + Timer PS2+DOS R6000, C 2001
Realtime Catmul-Clark subdiv. Whole demo PS2 C 2001
DreamSpec Spectrum Emulator Code Dreamcast C 2001
SNasm 6502 macro assembler DOS C++ 2002-????
F1 2002 3D Graphics Engine XBox C++ 2002
Realtime Wet Roads Code XBox C++ 2002
DreamSpec Spectrum Emulator Code PS2 C 2002
PS2 Homebrew framework Framework code PS2 C 2002
PS2DC64 Commodore 64 Emulator code PS2 C 2002
DC64 Commodore 64 Emulator code Dreamcast C, SH4 2002
Ogre 3DGraphics Engine NOT the open source 3D engine Win32 + DX9 C++ 2002-2005
Lightwave importer .LWO file loader Win32 + DX9 C++ 2002-2005
AlienSwarm whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2002-2005
PlayGolf whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2002-2005
Racing Heat whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2002-2005
Fighting Fury Completing+Networking various 3G phones J2ME 2002-2005
Cricket Networking various 3G phones J2ME 2004
TextureReload Lightwave 7 plugin Win32 C++ 2004
Object Replacement Tool Lightwave 7 plugin Win32 C++ 2004
DDS Texture Loader Lightwave 7 plugin Win32 C++ 2004
J2ME Benchmark Tool code phones J2ME 2003
Asteroids whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2003
Centipede whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2003
J2ME Multi-phone Framework tool DOS C++ 2003
J2ME C style PreProcessor tool DOS C++ 2003
Raytracer demo code Win32 C++ 2003
Beano Town Racing 3D Graphics Effects Win32 C++ 2003
SimPak texture packer plugin's WIn32 C++ 2003
Play Golf 2 whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2004
Rotatrix whole game various 3G phones, Web J2ME, Java 2004
AlienSwarm 2 whole game various 3G phones J2ME 2004
Play Golf Now whole game Phone, Web J2ME, Java 2004
SciTorque Networking various 3G phones J2ME 2005
APB Stats simulator simple game simulator Win32 C++ 2006
Real3D 3D Graphics Engine Win32+DX9 C++ 2005-2007
Uploader design, construction, code Commodore Plus/4, C64  6502, C++ 2006
LCD Addon design and construction Commodore Plus/4  6502 2007
64byte Stars Demo coding Commodore Plus/4  6502 2007
128byte Smooth Stars Demo coding Commodore Plus/4  6502 2007
256byte Smooth Stars Demo coding Commodore Plus/4  6502 2007
RAM expansion design and construction Commodore Plus/4  6502 2007
Unamed Prototype 3D Engine and tools Win32+DX9 C++, C# 2005-2007
Framework+MMC loader Whole framework Commodore64 6502 2008
MMC Card Reader construction + coding Commodore64 6502 2008
Unamed Game 3D Engine + Platform code Mono+DX9+OpenGL C++, C# 2007-2009
Game Maker Game Maker "Runner" Win32, PSP C, MIPS 2009-2010
Game Maker Optimised software FPU lib Win32, PSP C, C++, MIPS 2010



Things I'm working on.
(that MAY get finished)

Name Platform Year
XeO3 Plus/4, C64 1999-????
Remote Devkit Plus/4, C64 2006-????
Framework SNES 2007-????
Framework PC Engine 2008-????
Scrolly Message Board Electronics 2006-????
MMC cartridge Plus/4 Electronics 2007-????
Retro Edit PC 2007-????


Things I've worked on.
(that NEVER  got finished)

Name Platform Language Year
Game with no name 1 C64 6502 1988
Spatter Light C64 6502 1988
Game with no name 3 C64 6502 1989
Talisman C64 6502 1989
C64 Floppy Protector C64 6502 1989
Dual playfield game C64 6502 1990
Gore C64 6502 1990
Lemmings C64 6502 1990
Shoot-em-up Amiga 68000 1990
Jellys / Kid Kirby Tools, Support C, 65816 1993-1995
Body Harvest A0 Level Plotter DOS C 1994
GBA Toolkit DOS, ARM7 C, ARM7 1995
Block Game DOS C, x86 1995
Block Game 2 Game Boy z80 1995
3D Voxel Engine DOS C, x86 1996
Attack! DOS C, x86 1996-1999
3D GTA Engine DOS C, x86 1997
Prototype Bezier race track PC, PS2 C, R6000 2001
3D Engine GBA ARM7 2001
Manage Football Win32 C++ 2004
Lemmings Phone J2ME 2004
Nokia Golf game Nokia Phone J2ME 2004
XBox Spectrum emulator XBox C++ 2004
XBox C64 emulator XBox C++ 2004
SpaceTrolls  /  Mayhem Win32 C++, x86 2004
Golf Game Phone, OpenTV C++, J2ME 2005

Heres the current list of langauges I've used so far, and the systems I've worked on.....

6502, 65c02, 65816, Z80, 68000, ARM, MIPS, SH4, x86, MMX, FPU, SIMD, 3DNOW,

Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, J2ME, Midp, Midp2


ZX81, Spectrum, C64, Plus/4, Amiga, Atari ST, TG16, TG16 CDROM2, SNES, Megadrive,

Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, PS1, PS2, PSP, XBox, 32bit Dos (16,32bit), Win3.1,

Win32 (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7), Win64, Linux, Irix, Symbian


All material is (c)Copyright Mike Dailly 2010, All rights reserved