Heres my first LScript, used for aligning points on a non-planer poly to the plane (thanks toTom Winnicki):

I've finally gotten fed up of texturing in Lightwave, having to reload the textures is a pain. So I've done my first real pluging.
It will refresh all textures loaded (even ones not in the scene). If you bind it to a key its a simple shortcut for texture editing.
Its not been extensivly tested, so be careful at first, but I've not had any problems so far.

Enjoy!  [LW8]


(added 4/5/2003)

This is my lemmings2 cup I got while at DMA Design. Psygnosis gave us a whole heap of free stuff, I also got a mug with my name on it - which was nice. This was my first "real" lightwave model, and my first attempt at studio lighting.


Im trying to make an acurate PS2 to practice my modeling skills,this is what I have so far - came out okay I guess.. I also have this model spinning in my 3D Engine, its currently around 18,500 polys, but thats not optimised at all - looks good though!

Im currently building a US style truck, but I cant find enough detailed refrance material... Which is a pitty...


We are thinking of getting some rabbits for our kids, so I decided to put lightwave to a good use and work out the Rabbit Hutch I'm gonna build. Its around 6'x2'x4', which is plenty of room. It was great doing this in lightwave, since not only do I get actual sizes for the wood, I can also get a good idea of what its gonna look like. This was also the first time I used bump and procedural mapping, and the grass was done using SasLite. I'm also betting, that it'll look nothing like this when its built however!




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