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Ever wondered how games come about? One of the most famous games has to be Grand Theft Auto (GTA). It had quite a humble beginning. Here are the prototypes I did way back in 94,95 for it. There are little stories attached in the readme.txt files. I did these while doing R&D at DMA Design, and they have to stand out as some of the most influential I've ever done. I hope to get my Lemmings anim on here too sometime soon. Anyway, here they are, so enjoy!


Now you can find out the truth about lemmings, and how it all came about.

The Lemmings Story

I hope to do a history of DMA here sometime, since theres lots of unknown projects that never saw the light of day. Cuteiepoo, Attack! and Clan Wars to name but a few. I'll need to get all the notes togther on this though.... I was there one month short of 10 years... and thats a lot of stories!


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