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Chapter 4
A couple of pages from Chapter 4 have been put online.
The Lemmings story has be rewriten and is now online
Chapter 1 (page 3)
Added a PCW scan of Menace when it was Zynaps.
Added the Acme logo grabbed from the PCW mag
Chapter 2 (page4)
Has been updated to include Russell's original Lemmings demo!!
Chapter 3
1990 - Finding a focus!
Chapter 1 has been updated  again. Some new text/images, but mostly corrections.
Tour of DMA's first office added.



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The XviD website
You may need to download the XviD codec to view some of the video on this site.

The Evolution of the
DMA Logo
See for yourself how the DMA logo evolved over the years, before Dave finally settled on a logo.











The Complete History of
DMA Design
Mike Dailly



For years Steve Hammond threatened to write a full history of DMA, but never quite got around to it, just too many things got in his way. The lack of raw material, fading memories, and just being too damn busy have always meant that it remained a secret. However, after doing the Lemmings story, I started to gather more and more information, and background material on DMA, so I can now finally write the history of a company that lasted 12 years, and helped to change the worlds perception of games.

So now, we are proud to present,
The Complete History of DMA Design.

Chapter 1
(Pre-DMA to 1988)


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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